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Water Treatment Bazaarâ„¢

Water Treatment Bazaar

Our Water Treatment Bazaar™ is the place to find all those special items and services that are non-existent or buried at other stores. Why a "Bazaar" you might ask. Well, the dictionary says a Bazaar is:

"a store in which many kinds of goods
are offered for sale"
bazaar. (n.d.). Unabridged (v 1.0.1)
Retrieved September 09, 2006, from website:

A good example of such a store was the "Ladies Bazaar" which served the Camden and Bridgeton, NJ areas from the 1920's to about 1950. It sold a wide variety of ladies wear that today would take a collection of "boutique stores" to cover.

Louis Wishnefsky  Photo

Its founder, Louis Wishnefsky pictured here, was an entrepreneur in his day. Some of his descendants support the Water Quality Plus website. We hope that our visitors will find the Water Treatment Bazaar™ just as useful and helpful as the "Ladies Bazaar."


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